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Reports on topics from current or recent customer projects. Special attention is put on the interaction of technology, regulatory requirements and the human factor.
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20 Years Agile: Project success and management methods

Success or failure of a project depends on many factors, including choice of the optimal project management method, agile, classic, or hybrid. 20 years of Agile Project Management: in 1999 Kent Beck published “Extreme Programming” followed in 2001 by the Agile Manifesto and the Agile Principles.
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Whatsapp versus GDPR

Often it has been reported that WhatsApp does not comply with GDPR. But how exactly to verify this fact? See the legal terms of WhatsApp, as detailed here
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Backups and privacy regulations

According to GDPR data subjects may request e.g. information (right of access) about personal data, correction (alteration) or deletion (erasure) of such data. The question arises, if these rights are applicable only on current data sets, active data repositories or whether backup and offline data is affected also.
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USB-Sticks and wooden horses

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes - the legendary fall of Troy caused by a present works fine even today. Only the bigger than life wooden horse at the beach is replaced by USB memory sticks, dropped on the company’s parking lot – and right away collected and connected to company’s PCs.
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Implementation of ISO27001: The information security management system (ISMS) To achieve ISO27001 compliance, an ISMS is established - an Information Security Management System. The term “system” in this context needs some explanation: (at least) German natives, especially in IT, associate a system with a more or less sophisticated piece of machinery – something that could sit on a shelf or reside in a 19” rack – producing ISO27001 compliance.
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